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About Elizabeth

When I was a little girl, my grandmother held her own version of 'Manners School.'  How to say 'Yes, please' or 'No, thank you,' and how to be wonderfully creative with even the smallest piece of ribbon.  My favorite memories were setting her dinner table with all of her fine china for our daily Tea Parties.  With these lessons, I learned a great deal of attention to detail, how to entertain and how to be a great host. 


I was the exclusive Wedding Coordinator for Roblar Winery, where I coordinated close to 100 events. I have been given one of the best opportunities to help make weddings, and other special moments, come to life with that one special thing called LOVE. 

Fashion in Pink

The Small Details

Sometimes, it takes that one person with an eye for smallest details to make it all come together.  I take pride in knowing that even the smallest little thing, like a flower or a candle placed in the right spot, adds that extra touch of love and care, which ties it all together at the end of the day.

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